Last Sunday we headed off for a visit to Joypara. A 'village' about 3 hours from our home in Mirpur, Joypara is really part village, part town. Most of its residents are tradesmen, such as electricians - this is in contrast to most villages, where farming is the main job. We were able to stay in Joypara for 2 nights, so we had about a day and a half to explore. It was great to visit and see where we would be living and working come June. Apart from having more greenery and open space, what struck me most was how people knew each other. On the way home from visiting an associate with chickenpox, me and our friend (who lives in Joypara) must have been asked about 5 times where we had been - so a little more involved in each other's lives than in the city.

We took the bus, and it was amazing to see how quickly the scenery changed from grey, dirty buildings to lush rice fields and trees. Below are some photos

It was great to see some greenery and open spaces!

From the roof:

These men are in the first stage of making the fabric for several lungis - the traditional 'skirts' men wear. This is a big trade in Joypara. You can often hear the 'clickety-clack' of the wooden machines they use, as you wander down the paths.

There is a main river that runs through Joypara - it serves as a place to wash both clothes and body. The river is at its lowest at this time of the year. Come monsoon season it will raise to the point where only the top 6 or so steps will be visible (in second photo below).

The river is also used for fishing.

Here are some shots of the market - which are pretty much the same as the city markets.

Fish, anyone??

A colourful place to be.

That's one stack of bananas!

Flies come with everything around here...

Some friendly locals asked to have their picture taken.

A guy checking out the national fruit, jackfruit - they're pretty big!

Hope you enjoyed the pics :)